Swab Test

Covid Test for International Travel

  • Supervised Rapid Antigen Test for Travel with medical certificate,
  • RT-PCR test, Costs
  • Covid recovery certificate
  • No Appointment or GP referral needed for testing
  • Result and medical certificate with QR code will be emailed to you typically in 24 hours.
  • Open every day
  • Please bring your physical passport with you
  • Please present at the clinic half an hour before clinic closing time

When they are in need of a travel Covid test, Sydney residents, and those across the surrounding suburbs can turn to Granville Covid-19 Clinic.

Our clinic is run by a qualified and trusted staff, who share years of experience in the health care sector. We provide swift and straightforward testing services to all individuals, operating both walk-in and drive through options to allow for more people to be tested each day in a manner that is convenient and comfortable for them.

It is essential you obtain a negative Covid test for all international travel from Sydney, with the test undertaking in a specific window prior to the departure time. While this window is different for some airlines, the usual time-frame is 72 hours.

Results of all tests conducted at Granville Covid-19 Clinic will be returned within 24 hours, meaning visitors to our clinic won’t have to stress about ensuring all necessary documentation is in order before their departure. All results and medical certificates are delivered via email for complete convenience.

Our clinic specialises in private Covid tests for international travel. Private testing services not only help to reduce the potential risk of transmission from one individual to another through limited interaction with visitors and staff, they also serve to make the testing process a far more hassle-free experience. This also makes the service suitable for those individuals who are intimidated or made anxious by the prospect of receiving a Covid test.

Contact our clinic today for all further enquiries and to speak with a member of our friendly staff.

RT-PCR Test Medical Certificate for Travellers

Offering RT-PCR test medical certificates for travellers, Granville Covid-19 Clinic is the testing centre to visit for efficient, comprehensive, and attentive services.

We understand that getting documentation in order in a short window before an international flight can be a stressful experience, which is why we provide fast and reliable testing service to all individuals who visit our clinic.

We are proud to be a sought-after and trusted clinic for those in need of an urgent Covid test for travel overseas, and do not require prior appointments to be made or GP referrals to be presented for a test to be conducted.

For more information on the specifics detailed provided in a Covid-19 PCR test certificate, Sydney residents can call Granville Covid-19 Clinic today on 02 888 00342.


How much does it cost?

COVID-19 RT-PCR Test costs: $100 on weekdays and 120$ on weekends. RAT Test is $60.

Can I claim this on my private health fund or travel insurance?

Some health funds and travel insurance policies do cover COVID-19 testing for travel. you will also receive an invoice suitable for health fund and travel insurance claims.

How far in advance of my departure date and time should I provide a pathology sample?

Usually 48-72 hours before departure, but it is recommended to check the airline website before doing the test. testing too early can result in retesting and paying again.

You must be swabbed / tested no later than 2 days prior to departure, for example if your flight is on the 14th January, you must be swabbed / tested on the 12th Jan.

Will I receive a certificate with the result?

Yes. Covid-19 Clinic offers a COVID-19 PCR certificate for travellers. This is a personal certificate and we will state the information on the PCR certificate that you provided us with when you registered with us, as well as the test method.

What time is noted on the certificate?

The swab result shows the time when the swab was taken.

Do I have to stay sober for the test?

No. You can eat and drink just anything. Taking a throat swab does cause some irritation in the throat for some people.