Covid Testing Clinic Merrylands

Where you can be tested with less contact with staff and other patients

Drive through
Walk-ins are accepted
No appointment required
Testing for all ages
No pathology form needed
Covid-19 PCR test medical certificate for travellers

Please complete registration form when you come to the Clinic

When they require services at a nearby Covid testing clinic, Merrylands residents can turn to Granville Covid-19 Clinic.

Our qualified and skilled staff provide straightforward and hassle-free testing services for all visitors, and specialise in offering urgent testing to international traveller and those preparing to depart overseas. Individuals will be provided with a RT-PCR medical certificate that indicates the time and outcome of their test, and is an essential document that must be presented prior to departure and obtained no more than 72 hours beforehand. Our fast and reliable testing services means that individuals can always be sure they will have everything in order for their upcoming departure, with results and certificates being delivered via email.

Visitors to Granville Covid-19 Clinic do not need a GP referral or a prior appointment in order to receive a test, and we are open daily to ensure all those in the local area can be tested when required. Contact our staff today for all further enquiries. 

Covid-19 Testing Services & Medical Certificates for Travellers in Merrylands

At Granville Covid-19 Clinic we provide both walk-in and drive through testing services, making it easy for visitors to receive a test in a way that is most convenient for them, and that makes them feel most comfortable.

We offer private testing services to visitors of our clinic, meaning they spend less time interacting with other individuals and members of our clinic staff. This not only helps to limit the risk of transmission, it also serves to create a more comfortable, stress-free, and relaxed environment.

For more information on the services and operating hours of our Covid testing clinic, Merrylands residents simply have to pick up the phone and call 02 888 00342.

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