Covid Testing Clinic Lidcombe

Where you can be tested with less contact with staff and other patients

Drive through
Walk-ins are accepted
No appointment required
Testing for all ages
No pathology form needed
Covid-19 PCR test medical certificate for travellers

Please complete registration form when you come to the Clinic

Granville Covid-19 Clinic is the Covid testing clinic that Lidcombe residents can turn to for prompt and reliable testing services, and a fast turnaround for results.

We provide urgent testing solutions for international travelers and those repairing to travel overseas, ensuring they are able to obtain a valid RT-PCR medical certificate with the time and result of their test in the 72 hours before their departure. All individuals who are tested in our clinic will receive their results within 24 hours, and can opt for either walk-in or drive through testing services. They will receive their certificate and results in an email.

Visitors to Granville Covid-19 Clinic are not required to show a referral from their GP and do not need to make an appointment. We are open daily to make sure that all individuals in the local area can receive a test when they need it.

For fast and professional testing services make sure you turn to the experienced staff here at Granville Covid-19 Clinic. 

Covid-19 Testing Services & Medical Certificates for Travellers in Lidcombe

For leading services and assistance at a nearby Covid testing clinic, Lidcombe residents can turn to Granville Covid-19 Clinic.

We offer private testing services, meaning visitors to our clinic will spend less time interacting with members of our staff and other individuals. Not only does this help to reduce the risk of transmission, it also allows the testing processes to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible for each individual.

Our staff understand that getting a test can be an intimidating and anxiety-inducing process for many individuals, which is why they work to create a welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable environment.

To learn more about our clinic make sure to call 02 888 00342.

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