Covid Testing Clinic Carlingford

Where you can be tested with less contact with staff and other patients

Drive through
Walk-ins are accepted
No appointment required
Testing for all ages
No pathology form needed
Covid-19 PCR test medical certificate for travellers

Please complete registration form when you come to the Clinic

When searching for an efficient and stress-free Covid testing clinic, Carlingford residents know they can turn to Granville Covid-19 Clinic. We are open daily to provide prompt and hassle-free tests to those in the local area who need them.

Visitors do not need to make an appointment or arrive with a referral from a GP when they visit our clinic, and can opt for either our walk-in or drive through testing services. Results will be provided within 24 hours, along with a medical certificate that states the time the test was taken.

At Granville Covid-19 Clinic we understand how important these tests and procedures are to keep our day to day lives running smoothly, but we also know that getting a test can take up a large amount of time, which some people cannot sacrifice. That is why we offer the fastest Covid testing services in the local area. 

Covid-19 Testing Services & Medical Certificates for Travellers in Carlingford

Travelling overseas is no longer as simple as arriving at the departure terminal with your passport and ticket. Travellers must now show that they have received a negative Covid-19 test within the 72 hours prior to their departure, through a RT-PCR medical certificate. Clinic visitors will be provided with their results and certificate through an email.

At Granville Covid-19 Clinic we offer straightforward and quick testing services for those individuals who are trying to ensure all the necessary boxes are checked before they are due to depart.

Our clinic offers private testing services, meaning that visitors will spend less time around staff and other individuals waiting to be tested. This also means that our clinic is able to maintain a much more relaxed and calm environment than in many other testing centres.

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