Covid Testing Clinic Bossley Park

Where you can be tested with less contact with staff and other patients

Drive through
Walk-ins are accepted
No appointment required
Testing for all ages
No pathology form needed
Covid-19 PCR test medical certificate for travellers

Please complete registration form when you come to the Clinic

At our easy to reach Covid testing clinic, Bossley Park residents, as well as those passing through the area, can get a straightforward and hassle-free testing service.

The Granville Covid-19 Clinic is set-up to provide a welcoming and relaxing environment for those coming in to receive their test. We understand that the prospect of getting a Covid test can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing prospect for many individuals, which is why we offer private tests to those in our clinic. This means they will spend far less time interacting with other individuals or clinic staff than they would at other testing centres, and ensures the testing process itself is simple and efficient.

Visitors do not need to obtain a referral from their GP or make an appointment to receive a test at our clinic. We are open daily, allowing for all those in the local area to get a Covid test when they need to or when they begin to suffer symptoms. 

Covid-19 Testing Services & Medical Certificates for Travellers in Bossley Park

Once an individual has visited the Granville Covid-19 Clinic for a test they will receive their test results and a dated RT-PCR medical certificate within 24 hours. This certificate must be shown by all those who are looking to board departing flights, and need to be completed within the 72 hours before leaving the country. The certificate and results will be delivered via email.

Our efficient testing services ensure that those who are preparing for an upcoming departure can rest easy knowing that all necessary criteria for their travel have been met. Our clinic caters to both drive through and walk-in testing services, with our friendly, compassionate, and qualified staff providing the fastest Covid test in the area. 

To learn more about the services provided by our Covid testing clinic, Bossley Park residents can call our staff on 02 888 00342.

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