Covid Testing Clinic Granville

Where you can be tested with less contact with staff and other patients

No booking required.
All ages are welcome including children.
Free/ Covid-19 testing is bulk billed
Patients should show their photo ID, Medicare card and pathology request form if you have one.
If you DON'T already have a GP referral - we can organise one for you when get swabbed at the Covid -19 Clinic.

You don't need to make a booking, just walk-in

COVID-19 Overseas Travel Test, RT-PCR $100 Weekdays or $120 Weekends | Supervised RAT Test $60. The test report will be emailed to you.

Welcome to Granville Covid-19 Clinic, where you can secure efficient and reliable testing services as well as a fast turnaround on results.

Our clinic is operated by qualified and skilled staff who work hard to not only administer the test to all those who visit, but to create an environment that is relaxing and comfortable for all individuals. We do this to make sure that receiving a test is as straightforward and stress-free as possible for all individuals, as we understand that the testing process itself can be quite intimidating for some.

At our Covid testing clinic in Granville you can choose to either walk-in for a test or take advantage of our drive through services. No matter which option you choose you won’t have to present a referral from your GP or make an appointment ahead of time. That means those in the local area can always be sure they can receive a test when they need it, without issue.

Travellers can visit our clinic for urgent testing services and to receive their RT-PCR medical certificate, which is an essential document for all international travel, and must be obtained within the 72 prior to departure. Results for all tests performed here at Granville Covid-19 Clinic will be provided to the relevant individual via email within 24 hours.

For more information on the services provided by our Covid testing clinic in South Granville, simply call our staff today on 02 888 00342.

How does it work?

Step 1

When you come here we ask you to fill out our Covid-19 registration form which might take 5 min.

Step 2

After having your swab, you will receive your result by text message, (99 percent of our patients will receive the result in 24 hours), although during the outbreak it might take much longer. Also one of our doctors might call you to explain the test results and to discuss the management of your symptoms a few days after having the test.

Step 3

if you don’t receive your results after 2 days, please send your request with your full name DOB and mobile number to: